Grieving people feel so isolated. We deliver resources to help people reconnect, find hope and live well again.

Loss and Life was founded in 2021 by Roger Womack after recognising that there was a need for specific resources to help the bereaved and those coming alongside them.  The charity is based in Ashburton, South Devon.

The charity aims to give ‘A helping hand with Grief’ for anyone experiencing loss, through materials and other resources.

In the pain of loss, you may experience feelings and emotions that you have never felt before.  You may not know how to handle them, or where to get help.  You are not alone.  Let us send you a pack of Loss and Life cards.

Grief comes when we experience loss. This process of grieving is a natural response to these events.  The range of emotions and feelings that are generated can be strong and varied depending on our life experience. Sometimes they may even be extreme.  It can be challenging to navigate the process and find ways to readjust our lives to the new circumstances we find ourselves in. 

You don’t have to grieve alone

To pre-order Loss and Life cards contact:

Loss and Life Founder Roger Womack

Loss and Life brings together Roger’s deeply personal experience and his creativity to make available materials that are intended to help people engage in an ‘Intentional Grief’ journey

Rogers’s wife, Teresa died on the 17th August 2014. A long and hard path rolled out before him following that momentous day. “Both my parents have died and other family members and friends over the years. One might have thought that would have prepared me for the death of my wife. When that time came I found that there was nothing in my tool kit to help me!”.  So started his grief journey,  something he would not wish upon anyone, but so many of us find ourselves travelling along it.  “It is a well worn path, but not clearly signposted, many flounder at various points trying to find a way to get through.”

Overwhelming emotions, pain, suffering, illness and despair are common companions along the way, but in time things can begin to change.  “It’s important to know that time in itself is not the healer, it’s what you do with the time that counts.”  Roger chose to embrace the pain.  At that moment he entered an “Intentional Grief” journey.  A journey that saved his life and gave him purpose once again.  He has a passion that no one should have to grieve alone.

Roger has walked alongside people experiencing grief since 2017.  He now works in a voluntary capacity with the following organisations:- (Bereavement support for men advisor); Loss and Hope (The Bereavement Journey facilitator); Care For the Family (Widowed Young Support, Bereavement Care Awareness); Rowcroft Hospice (Bereavement Support Volunteer, Listening And Support Service end of life); Emotional Logic Centre (EL Coach).

Video: A grief journey – Love, loss and life.

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Loss and Life was registered with the Charity Commission in May 2021 Charity number: 1194483