Looking after yourself

It is really important to take good care of yourself when you are vulnerable and grieving.  This is making sure that you get enough sleep, eat when you can and take some exercise each day. 

  • Give yourself permission to grieve.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Don’t bottle up your emotions.

For more information here is a link to the website and article:-  Looking after yourself.

Tips on sleeping

So many things in our lives are affected when we experience bereavement. 

Sleep in particular can suddenly be very challenging, with our natural rhythms knocked out of kilter. 

For practical suggestions click on this link to the following document: ‘Maintain good sleep patterns’.

Help for those who are hurting offers practical advice for the bereaved and various information to help support others including  young people and the elderly. Further information is available on the website under ‘find support’.

Care for the Family offer an extensive selection of materials and information to help support the bereaved and those coming alongside such as: Supporting bereaved people.