Recommended bereavement specific books:

The following books include practical suggestions, ideas or guidance to help with a grief journey.

Hone, L. (2017).  Resilient Grieving.  Finding strength and Embracing life after a loss that changes everything. The Experiment.

Jennings, I. (2020).  What is life without my love? A practical guide. . Amazon.

Littledale, R. (2019).  Postcards from the land of grief. Croydon. Authentic Media.

 Sittser, J. (2004).  A grace disguised. Grand Rapids. Zondervan.

Rentzenbrink, C. (2017).   manual for heartache. Croydon. Picador.

Clark-Coats, Z. (2017).  Saying goodbye. Eastbourne. Integrity Music.

Duncan, M. (2020).  Good Grief.  Living with sorrow and loss. Monarch Books.

Horsfall, T. (2022).  Grief Notes.  Walking through loss. Bible Reading Fellowship.

Other recommended books:

The following books also include material that you may find helpful for the grief journey.

Townsend, V. (2019). Finding your way. – Rippling Print

Finding Your Way.  Caring for yourself while caring for someone else is a source of inspiration and hope.  It helps us to connect and look after ourselves while caring for another.  This has been borne out of Verran’s direct experience of caring for his wife Karen.

Mannix, K. (2017). With the end in mind, dying, death and wisdom in an age of denial. Croydon. William Collins