Supporting someone

Are you trying to help someone?

The following organisations provide wider information about helping those who have experienced loss.



  • The UK’s signposting website for anyone bereaved and those supporting them. offers various information to help support others including  young people and the elderly. Further information is available on the website under ‘find support’.

Visit Care for the Family

Care for the Family

Supporting bereaved people.

Care for the Family offer an extensive selection of materials and information to help support the bereaved and those coming alongside such as: Supporting bereaved people.

Bereaved or Supporting someone?

The following resources will help.

Here are Grief Cards for the bereaved.  From experience we have found that it is helpful to begin with ‘Starting a journey’.  We then suggest that you look at the following packs: ‘On the road’, ‘Further along the road’ and ‘The winding road’. 

Starting a journey

Grief cards to help you when you have just been bereaved.

On the journey

Grief cards to help you on the journey.

Further along the road

Grief cards to help when you have been bereaved.

The winding road

Grief cards to help when you have been bereaved.